Hatzerim Tourism is an initiative that infuses inspiration into the diverse groups that visit from around Israel and abroad. Launched in the early years of the 21st century by a few residents of the kibbutz in Israeli’s southern region, it subsequently has developed to be a thriving and successful tourism initiative.

The gateway to Hatzerim Tourism is our Visitor’s Center, which provides a welcoming ambiance with a film and introduction to the Kibbutz’s history, as well as a briefing on the world-renowned Netafim and Jojoba companies. The in-demand Jojoba oil products are available for purchase at special rates in the factory’s store, as are souvenirs and items created by the Kibbutz’s artists.

Our visitors discover an exciting and unique Kibbutz that works hand-in-hand with nature and art, and provides an introduction to our innovative technology, advanced agricultural techniques, and bold business ventures that began on our Kibbutz but have had a global impact.


Hatzerim Tourism focuses on several key areas:

  • Progressive and innovative technological and agricultural tourism based on professional tours of the Netafim and Jojoba factories.
  • “From a Single Tree to an Oasis” – Guided tours on the Kibbutz and surrounding areas offer the history of the Kibbutz and the local landscape, the water challenges of the Negev, and a tour of important nearby historical sites.
  • The Sculpture Trail – A path of artistry founded by a pair of artists from the Kibbutz, Marga and Yisrael Fishstein, that displays around 40 creations by the top Israeli artists, in a stirring view of art amid a backdrop of nature. The trail also has archeological sites and picnic groves along the way, for your added enjoyment.
  • Tours and workshops offering art, creativity, enrichment, and fun are hosted on the Kibbutz along with additional activities in the region in collaboration with the Bnei Shimon Council, the Be'er Sheva municipality and the Air Force Base.


We attract and host groups from around Israel and abroad that are interested in our tours, workshops, and quality programming and activities. Each visit is tailored for the specific group, and carefully and professionally planned according for their interests and schedule.


“To the dear people of Hatzerim,

Hello! We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful hospitality we received today that included hugging, learning, expanding horizons, and overall a special experience the illustrated the spirit of the Kibbutz. Lior, thank you for listening, for speaking to us at a down-to-earth level, for the curiosity you aroused in us, and the patience in responding to all of the many questions that we had during our visit.”

With great esteem, Olga, Emma, and the students from the cyber-geographic program at Kogel High School, Holon (February 2019)

“Hi Lior, I wanted to thank you, again, for organizing our wonderful visit to Hatzerim. We can’t stop talking about everything we saw and heard, and we tell everyone about our unique experience. Thank you and Happy New Year.”

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